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Time to install a new television? Make sure it’s the right size for your space! Check out these simple tips from We Mount TVs in Orlando, FL, and Birmingham, AL, to find the perfect fit for you.

Make Sure Everything Measures Up

Dig into your tool box and pull out your tape measure. Measure the space where the television is going to go. Then, measure the television you are interested in — width, height, and diagonally. Remember that with a television, a few inches can make a huge difference. Be precise.

A bigger room, like your man cave, is certainly going to require a larger screen. Depending on how you are going to blend the television into your decor, you might need to invest in a television large enough to take up the majority of your wall. There might already be a built-in space for a television in the wall. Either way, make sure that after you take all the measurements, when you are ready to install your television, contact the experts to ensure your safety as well as a quality job.

Depending on how much the television weighs, you might need a stand or a wall mount. Your TV stand should not only be durable enough to withstand the weight of your television, it should also offer enough surface area to keep your television from tipping over. There are many options available. Your TV installation professional will have the answers.

Be prepared with the right wall mount. On average, flat screen televisions weigh around 40-50 lbs and larger 4K HD televisions weigh closer to 60-80 lbs. Know what you’re getting into. Check all dimensions and measurements before you begin.

Check Out Your Space

Where are you going to put the TV within your home? If you are going to place it in a public room like your living room or kitchen, make sure that it is easy to see from every angle in the room. You don’t want the screen to only cater to half of the room. That being said, you also want to make sure that the television you purchase is big enough for everyone in the room to see.

Whether you are placing your television on a stand or getting a TV installation professional to mount it, you will want to pay attention to the viewing distance. There are no specific rules on where you should place your television. However, an expert can guide you as to where the most ideal spot is in your space.

Depending on how far away your seating is from your screen, you will need to purchase the right size television. For example, if your couch is four feet away from the wall, your screen should be at least 32 inches.

You not only want every viewer to be able to see the screen without straining their eyes, you want them to be able to hear the audio as well. This is why the right television for your space is very important. (If you have whole-home audio set up, you’re already ahead of the game!)

Work with the TV Installation Professionals

The TV installation professionals at We Mount TVs, located in Orlando, FL, and Birmingham, AL, can help you find the perfect fit for your space. We specialize in TV mounting, home theatre installation, and surround sound installation. Learn more about what we have to offer, and how we can help you! Contact the experts at We Mount TVs today.