Surround Sound Installation Services

Surround Sound System

When you choose a Surround Sound System, you have a lot of options. We Mount TVs helps consumers with picking the right equipment and Surround Sound Installation. Our home Surround Sound Installation service provides everything you need to enjoy quality theater sound without leaving your house.

Let’s take a closer look at the Surround Sound Installation cost, so you know what to expect. Our Surround Sound Installation Service technicians ensure you understand the process every step of the way.

Prepackaged Surround Sound Speakers

When starting the Surround Sound Installation, the obvious option is a prepacked speaker set. It’s the simplest setup and provides a well-balanced amount of performance. The prepackaged speakers offer a perfect blend of size and sound to meet your daily needs.

Most average sized rooms find that this home Surround Sound Installation is ideal. Talk to us about your Surround Sound System options to see if this configuration is right for you.

Custom Surround Sound Speakers

If you prefer to have custom-made speakers, you must first consider that the Surround Sound Installation cost will go up. Still, there are times when it’s the right option. If you want to use a particular brand and incorporate it with other equipment, the custom setup is perfect.

Add some speakers or a subwoofer to enhance the sound. It’s possible to bring out the background noises you never knew existed. Every bit of audio becomes crystal clear and sharp as a razor blade. Just imagine the edge of your seat feeling during that next action flick.

With the complete customization, it’s enjoyable to alter the movie-going experience to be exactly what you want. Your sound can stand out; let our professional Surround Sound Installation service techs find the solution for you.

Benefits of a Surround Sound System

When you debate whether a Surround Sound System is worth the setup cost, you must evaluate the payoff. Here are a few of the top benefits of having a Surround Sound System in your home.

Enjoyable Home

The largest advantage is the enjoyment you receive from your home. Nights spent at home with a loved one are just as fun as entertaining family and friends. With the right Surround Sound System and equipment, your listening and viewing is elevated for a fully immersive experience. Your house quickly becomes the go-to place that people want to visit.

Superior Surround Sound Quality

Become fully engulfed in your music, games and movies. As you watch that movie, you’ll hear the smallest whisper without wondering what was said. We set the speakers to the perfect angle, which allows you to receive a fuller, richer and cleaner sound output.

These sound systems go beyond movies. Just imagine how deep you’ll get into your favorite video games or how you’ll feel when you watch the next big game.

Complete Versatility

Choose from a variety of integrated speakers, sound bars and mounted speakers to create the sound you desire. You can pick a pre-matched system or customize it to fit your requirements. There’s no limit to what can be done with quality sound equipment.

Stretch the Sound

When the Surround Sound System is installed, it’s possible to take it beyond one room. Add speakers to additional rooms or outside to enjoy music anywhere. When you sit on your patio, you can listen to your favorite music for more relaxation. If you prefer, install some speakers in the kitchen so you don’t miss the game while grabbing some snacks.

Whatever is important to you, we can create.

Wireless Convenience

There’s no need to run wires when doing an installation. If you prefer a wireless system, it’s possible. Today’s technology allows for better sound with the wireless design.

Smart Home Automation

Install Surround Sound along with your other electronic equipment and automation system. Then, you have the power to control everything from one remote or panel.

Surround Sound Installation Cost

There’s a wide range of prices involved with Surround Sound Installation, making it difficult to give you a cost estimator without a consultation. We have some basic setups that keep the price low and also offer the most complex, advanced systems for those who want all of the bells and whistles.

On the basic end, we offer plug-in speakers to enhance your sound. Take it further with multiple speakers and full automation to increase the sophistication of your setup.

Several factors must be considered to determine what your installation costs will be. Most of the price is determined by the following criteria:

Number of rooms involved.

The more locations you add, the more you will spend.

Mounted or integrated speakers.

The mounted speaker hangs on the wall, so it comes with an easier setup. Integrated speakers provide better sound, but they are more expensive and larger. You might also prefer built-in speakers, which are flush to the wall or ceiling but require skill and time to install.

Wired or wireless system.

If something is wired into the walls, it does cost more and take additional time.

Our Surround Sound Installation Services include:

  • Connection of audio and video equipment in one location
  • Assembling any needed components
  • Programming the remote
  • Customization of settings for optimal sound quality, including custom channel
  • Walkthrough and training of the speaker system

Extra Features of a Surround Sound System

While installing the Surround Sound System, it makes sense to create additional features at the same time. Consider these options:

  • Connect the components to your wireless internet for maximum versatility
  • Use remotes that control the speakers from anywhere
  • Speaker mounts or stands that match your décor
  • Integrating your Blu-ray player, cable box and other auxiliary equipment
  • Having custom cases for your integrated speakers

Why We Mount TVs?

The professionals at We Mount TVs have the expertise needed to supply all of your sound system needs. Along with your speaker equipment, we also handle TV Mounting and complete Home Theater Installation. Allow us to manage your TV Wall Mount and home theater services at the same time we configure your surround sound for complete integration.

Schedule your consultation today. We offer flexible appointments that fit your needs. Let’s see how we can take your surround sound and home theater systems to the next level. You’ll wish you had done it sooner.