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Smart Home automation Installation is the best way to control everything in and out of your house. We Mount TVs is the smart home automation systems expert, and we are ready to help you. We handle your Smart Home Automation Installation from start to finish. Together, we can keep your home covered. Whether you want smart locks, a new security system, automated lights or a controllable thermostat, we have what you need. Control your home with the palm of your hand!

Affordable Smart Home & Home Automation Solutions

With smart home automation, it’s simple to keep the house connected and functioning as one whole unit. Control your lights, doors, entertainment system and thermostat from one central control hub. It’s even possible to set everything up for control with a smartphone.

Our staff receives continuous training on the latest technologies to ensure you receive up-to-date innovations. With our extensive knowledge in the industry, we can help you install all of the smart home automation systems that make your life easier.

Smart Home Automation Installation Services

When all of your smart home systems work as one, you receive a simpler life that’s stress-free. While many products offer security, some provide additional conveniences and entertainment functionality. Imagine taking all of those remotes you have and turning them into one control. How much less clutter would be in your life?

As you step into your home, you can press a button that deactivates your alarm, turns on the lights, sets the temperature and starts your favorite tunes. Our integrated solutions allow you to streamline your home and reduce the daily frustration you experience.

When it comes to Smart Home Automation Installation, you have a lot of products available to you. Here are a few of the most popular our clients choose.

Smart Home Controllers

All of your home products get connected to one device through the help of a smart home controller. This hub, also referred to as the smart home hub, supports all of the compatible products attached to it.

With a smart home hub, you gain compatibility to all the major brands, including Honeywell, Philips, GE, and Nest. We help you find the hub that fits your needs and then we professionally install it.

Smart Lighting

With your smart lighting solution, you can create custom schedules for any light in the home. This personalized experience allows you to create the home ambiance you desire. It’s the place you love coming back to at the end of the day.

When you are away from home, it’s easy to control your light bulbs from your smartphone. This prevents burglaries and break-ins. Another benefit to having this functionality is that you save more money on your energy bills. As you reduce your lighting usage to only when it’s needed, you won’t be worried about getting those monthly bills.

Smart Home Security

Smart homes come with many benefits, especially for security. You can check on your house while you are out of town. If there are unusual movements detected, the smart home installation system alerts you by text or email. There are also security cameras located in the doorbell, so you can see who’s at your door, even if you aren’t home.

We also install smart home locks so you can let the house cleaner, babysitter and family in without being home.

Climate Control

With smart climate control, you always experience the perfect temperature, no matter what season it is. To create a comfortable home, you simply need to make adjustments on the same device you use to control your entertainment system, shades, security, and lights.

Monitor and remotely control the temperature from your mobile device. If you walked out for work with the A/C blasting, turn it off from the office. Before you head home, you can turn it back on to make the home comfortable.

Running the heat or air conditioning when you aren’t home causes expensive bills. With our automated climate control systems, you save energy and money. Just use the programmed settings that integrate entirely with the home automation setup.

Why Smart Home Installation?

It’s tempting to install your own smart home technology in an attempt to save money, but it rarely works out the way most people plan. When you want a sophisticated and secure Smart Home Installation, you want a team of professionals by your side.

You won’t have to lift a finger through the entire process. All that’s required is that you share what your hopes are and a technician handles everything for you.

You can choose to have a few products installed with the Smart Home Installation, such as a new smart garage door or smart light. If you prefer to set up the entire home, our professional installation takes care of smart home hubs that also integrate with Amazon Echo, Google Home or an Apple Homekit.

The only difference with professional Smart Home Installation versus the DIY option is that the job gets done quickly and efficiently. You won’t have to figure out those voice assistants or smart home devices on your own. Furthermore, when a professional installs your security system, you have peace of mind knowing everything is working in case of a break-in.

Sure, it’s more expensive to hire a professional, but isn’t your security worth that? You also save yourself some sanity when you don’t attempt to configure every voice control device on your own.

We Mount TVs for Your Smart Home Installation Services in Orlando, Birmingham, & Huntsville

You don’t have to handle all of this on your own. We know it can be overwhelming, especially for someone who doesn’t understand modern technology. Our trained team engages in regular training to ensure we understand how to operate the latest innovations.

When you contact us for Smart Home Installation, this is what you can expect from us.


The first step is the consultation. We schedule an appointment that fits your day. Sit with one of our professionals to discuss your plans for the home. We will make suggestions and show you what’s possible with the Smart Home Installation, but ultimately, you call the shots.

If you already have the products in hand, we work with them. Otherwise, we are happy to recommend the equipment we think will work best for your home.


Once we’ve agreed on the game plan, we move forward with the installation. We connect all of the devices to your WiFi system for integrated control. If you want to play music from anywhere in the house or utilize your voice command components, we get that set up for you as well.

Our team knows how to mount and secure all of the equipment properly, in a discreet location. You won’t even know that anything has changed.

Once the Smart Home Installation is complete, we train you on the new devices. We want to make sure you understand how to work everything before we leave.


We aren’t just available for Smart Home Installation. We also specialize in the maintenance and repair of all systems. Whether we’ve put your devices in or not, we are happy to help when you run into trouble. Reach out to our team of professionals when something stops working correctly and we will make you our priority. After all, a home isn’t very smart if it isn’t controllable.

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