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We Mount TVs in Orlando, Florida provides the ultimate source for all your TV mounting, Surround Sound, Commercial A/V, Project installations, as well as Smart Home Automation services. We also specialize in home theater installations, services that transform your home’s entertainment experience.

We Mount TVs is Orlando Florida’s #1 TV hanging and mounting, speaker installation and home theater installation service.

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TV Hanging and Mounting Installation

Whether you’ve just purchased your first TV for a new home or you must replace an old one, TV installation isn’t something just anyone should perform. It’s not a DIY job, but is meant for professionals.

You might opt to use the department store’s installation team, but that becomes costly and rarely gives you access to trained technicians.

Consider We Mount TVs instead. Our convenient service and trained team help you achieve the TV installation you desire. You choose the time that’s right for you and enjoy the cost-saving benefits as well.

Home Theater Installation

Movie projectors and screens complete any home theater installation. It’s the ideal way to add quality video to your setup. Before you can truly enjoy the benefits of a new system, you have to have a professional home theater projector installation.

Surround Sound Installation Services

When you choose a surround sound system, you have a lot of options. We Mount TVs helps consumers with picking the right equipment and surround sound installation. Our home Surround Sound Installation Service provides everything you need to enjoy quality theater sound without leaving your house.

Commercial Audio Video Installation

To complement your business and make it more efficient, you want the best commercial audio installation. We Mount TVs offers the most technological infrastructures to complete your commercial audio video installation.

From CCTV to projectors, our skilled technicians have the experience to handle all of your commercial audio visual installation needs. Contact us to discuss your commercial audio system installation today.

Projector Installation Services

Whether you require projector installation for your residential or commercial configuration, We Mount TVs has the experience you need. We specialize in projector ceiling mount installation plus projector screen installation. Find out what makes our team special with your next projector installation service.

Smart Home Automation Services & Installation

Smart home automation is the best way to control everything in and out of your house. We Mount TVs is the smart home automation systems expert, and we are ready to help you. We handle your Smart Home Automation Installation Services from start to finish. Together, we can keep your home covered. Whether you want smart locks, a new security system, automated lights or a controllable thermostat, we have what you need.

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What Makes We Mount TVs Different?

We Mount TVs in Orlando, Florida provides the ultimate source for all your TV mounting, Surround Sound, Commercial A/V, Project installations, as well as Smart Home Automation services. We also specialize in home theater installations, services that transform your home’s entertainment experience.

Look no further for the best TV mounters in Orlando, FL. Our expert technicians at We Mount TVs provide everything you need for home TV audio visual installation service and surround sound installation service. We are experienced in commercial A/V, projector installation, and smart home automation services as well. Whether you want a new home theater installation or you just need some devices connected to your network, we have the skills you require.

Home Theater Installation

Your home theater installation will take your entertainment experience to the next level. We are available to walk with you every step of the way and create the atmosphere you desire. Whether it’s gathering with friends to binge watch Netflix or a party for the game, you will be the talk of the town. Our expert technicians consult with you to learn what you want. Then, we tailor a home theater system around these plans.

We can install the TV mount you already have, or recommend a reliable option. We work with many brands, including TruAudio, Sony Televisions, LG TVs, Samsung TVs and Bose. Because we are an independent company, we can recommend any brand that proves itself to be a winner for your needs.

If you aren’t sure what you want, allow our techs to customize a home theater experience to fit your lifestyle. Today’s home theaters are high-tech and contain many new features. It’s not the type of setup you want to attempt to figure out. Save time, money and your sanity by calling the professionals.

Surround Sound Installation

You want a crystal clear, high-quality sound system for your home in Orlando, FL. We treat your surround sound installation service as if it was our own. Imagine the difference top-notch equipment would make when paired with your television. We can provide you with a variety of surround sound speakers that are perfect for all your viewing needs.

Commercial Audio Installation

Our commercial audio specialists help you determine what equipment is best for you. We evaluate your business and application to design a system that will enhance your client and employee satisfaction. We work with amplifiers, mixers, speakers, microphones, racks, wireless components and accessories. Our installations hold up to the demand for commercial use. Our designs and products are practical, cost-effective and reliable.

We cater to small businesses as well as larger corporations. Our complete audio systems deliver high-performance sound quality, ideal for background music, paging, as well as public address systems.

Projector Installation

Projectors take the experience to new heights, whether as part of your home theater or your business conference room. It’s imperative that you choose the right projector and screen for the best picture. Aside from that, you also need expert installation.

For the projector to look crisp and clear, it must be installed properly. That requires the skill and technical knowledge that We Mount TVs brings to the table. Our trained specialists help you choose the right brand and model while taking care of the entire installation. At all times, we keep your preferences and desires in mind.

What makes us different?

  • We can provide ceiling mounts.
  • All of your cables will be concealed, no matter how long they are.
  • We have professionals that install electrical outlets when needed.
  • You don’t need your own HDMI or VGA cables; we can provide them.
  • We install projector screens – surface or recessed.
  • Training is included. We make sure you know how to use your new equipment.

TV Mounting in Orlando

When you search for a TV mounter in Orlando, you have many choices to pick from. Whether you want an HD TV mounted or you plan to upgrade your entire home theater, you can count on us. We are equipped to handle any TV mount from a fixed wall mount to the full motion mount.

Your flat screen TV will be expertly installed on the TV wall mount for your peace of mind. Along with your TV installation, we can also help with your smart technology, home automation system, cable box and other peripherals. We are experts with everything related to audio video in central Florida.

Our TV mounting services include:

  • Installation of the bracket and mounting of a TV
  • Connection of all basic audio and video components
  • Neat concealment of wires
  • Configuration of peripheral devices

Smart Home Installation

We specialize in more than just home theaters and audio systems; we are also equipped to handle your smart home needs. Switching over your house to become “smart” doesn’t take a lot of work if you have the right technicians on your side.

Our professionals have high standards. We want the transformation to go smoothly. With our expertise and the right equipment, your home can be streamlined quickly. Transform your systems and start completing tasks with great efficiency. These products and setup also enhance comfort for you and your guests. Let us evaluate your smart home control systems today.

A Timely Business Issue

Today a wide array of businesses across the Orlando Area utilize home theater systems during their daily operations. Whether you need a source of entertainment for restaurant or sports bar patrons, or you’d like to monitor stock market reports in real time from a banking or investment institution, this technology holds great utility. Members of the public waiting in laundromats, beauty parlors, medical offices, and auto repair centers all rely on large-screen display systems. Most hotels and motels also prefer skilled professional installation services.

Why do so many businesses request our help?

Just consider a few strong reasons to seek the specialized assistance we offer:

  • Poorly positioned screens won’t accommodate easy casual viewing;
  • Placing this technology correctly may require wiring, carpentry, and cable skills;
  • For liability and insurance purposes, businesses require the assurance flat screens will remain securely (and safely!) mounted;
  • Well-deployed entertainment systems enhance business goodwill. Augment The Comfort And Appearance of Home Décor, Too!

Today a growing number of private homeowners also request our services incorrectly and securely deploying and installing home theater systems. It makes sense to seek professional installation assistance to help make sure a new purchase supplies all the technical capabilities your household anticipates from cutting-edge technology: watch television or movies, play games, or relax listening to rich audio content. We’ll help you optimize your home theater investment.

When we install this high tech amenity, we place a premium on customer safety and convenience. You won’t find yourself tripping over loose cords or struggling to keep a flat screen from tumbling onto the floor. In fact, your family and friends will likely notice the exceptional quality of the installation! We offer competitive prices.

Why Choose We Mount TVs?

Our team of professionals is regarded as the best TV installer in Orlando, Florida. We aim to transform your home with top-of-the-line home theater systems for maximum enjoyment. With our set up, everyone will want to spend time at your home. You will be the place to go for the latest game or for a fun movie night.

We can help you find the best TV, commercial A/V equipment, surround sound, projectors or smart home installation products. Our customers rely on our trained opinion when it comes to TVs, speakers, wall mounts and more.

Allow us to share our practical expertise with you. We help customers in Orlando take back their time by handling all their home theater needs. When it is time to revamp what’s happening in your home, call us and schedule an appointment.

We Mount TVs Offers Expert Home Theater Installation in Orlando, FL!

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Obtain expert installation to thoroughly enjoy a very popular and trendy entertainment resource. A professionally installed, exceedingly cost-efficient home theater offers remarkable value. Call us at 407-900-2429 to request a service appointment. We’ll arrange to provide skilled installation services at the most convenient time for you.



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