Sony 810C 4K

The new ultra HD 4K Sony X810C television fares quite well against the competition. Its incredible picture quality, connectivity, and compatibility with apps and UHD content make it one of the best models available, especially compared to others of the same size. If you do not already own a 4K TV, the Sony X810C is a great option.

Sound and Image Quality

The Sony X810C has speakers that can, but if you prefer to have centralized sound, opt for a sound bar, the latest in whole home HD audio (which we highly recommend).

Ranging from 55 to 65 inches, the screen is large but thin, with a stunningly high picture contrast courtesy of Triluminos Display Technology and 4K television content. The Sony X810C also offers 720p HD resolution. This sharp resolution in contrast to a regular television (not 4K) or even a curved television makes all the difference in your viewing experience!

Connectivity and Compatibility

One of the greatest features of the Sony X810C is the Android platform on which it operates. It is slightly faster than most televisions on the market, which is why the Sony Android TV ranks as one of the highest smart platforms yet. Not only is the Sony X810C compatible with VP9 and HEVC, it is also capable of connecting to HDMI, Ethernet, and USB inputs. This means that anything you watch on your computer can now be enjoyed on your Sony 4K television. In addition, Google’s library allows you to use media apps and even voice control directly with your television.

Though the benefits are greater than we had imagined, this new 4K television by Sony does have its shortcomings. There is no high dynamic range (HDR) support, nor local dimming technology, which affects the image quality by dulling the images and offering less contrast enhancement.

Our experts recommend the Sony X810C to anyone looking to purchase their first 4K television. Its high quality resolution and reasonable price tag make it ideal for any home theatre.

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