Home Theater Installation

Do you need Professional Home Theater Installation in Birmingham, Orlando or Huntsville? We Mount TVs handles all of your Home Theater Projector Installation requirements. Contact us for your home theater and Surround Sound System Installation for complete configuration. We manage all of your theater audio installations and Surround Sound home needs.

Indoor Projector/Screen Installation

Movie projectors and screens complete any home theater installation. It’s the ideal way to add quality video to your setup. Before you can truly enjoy the benefits of a new system, you have to have a professional home theater projector installation.

There’s no better way to guarantee maximum quality than with our expert home theater and Surround Sound System installation. Our services include:

  • Pre-installation walk-through with consultation
  • Projector mounting to the wall or ceiling
  • Connection to A/V and gaming equipment
  • Concealment of all cables in the ceiling or wall
  • Equipment inspection and testing
  • Clean-up
  • Customer equipment orientation

Our complete theater audio installation and surround sound home services start with your screen and projector setup. From there, you receive complete optimization and clean up when we are finished. Our respectful technicians always leave the area in better condition than it was found.

Screen Selection

Trust our expert staff to take the exact measurements needed to ensure your screen sits at the perfect distance from your projector. Our precise calibration guarantees a top-quality picture. During our pre-installation appointment, we assess your space to create a game plan.

This is also the time to determine what type of screen works best for you. Manual pull-down screens are low cost and simple to operate. A fixed screen mounts to the wall, but it can’t be moved or adjusted.

With a motorized screen, you have access to electronic controls that drop it down and retract it when needed. This style is the most automated with complete configuration options.

Our team helps to determine which of these screen types works best for your setup. Then, we figure out where to place it and how to optimize it for maximum viewing pleasure.

Projector Placement

When we place your projector, we find the optimal spot for maximum visibility. You have the option to mount it on a shelf or from the ceiling. A ceiling-mounted projector affixes with the help of a hanging bracket.

The shelf-mounted projector isn’t as challenging to set up but still requires some professional touches to make it just right. Once the projector is mounted, we connect it to the A/V components and configure it. We ensure it’s set at the perfect distance from the screen to preserve quality.

Once the projector and screen are setup, it’s time to configure the surround sound speakers and other audio equipment. Allow us to hook up your sound bars, ambient light, Blu-ray and cable box for a complete system.

The Benefits of a Home Theater System

Numerous benefits exist from having an entire home theater system. Consider these top advantages.

Save Money on Movies

You don’t have to pay for overpriced theater prices anymore. You can take whatever candy, soda and snacks you want with you to see the latest flick. With the same quality picture and sound, there’s no reason to spend your time or money at the cinema any longer.

You pay one time to create your home theater system and you enjoy the benefits for years into the future. No longer do you need to purchase expensive tickets or overpriced snacks. Your investment made today lives on to pay for itself numerous times.

Just think of the ways the money saved can benefit your life in other ways.


When you visit a movie theater, you have to deal with rude employees and inconsiderate patrons.

Aside from that, you have to go out, no matter what the weather is doing.

Instead, stay home, in your pajamas if you wish. You don’t have to get dressed in anything particular or ever leave your house. You also don’t have to deal with people you don’t know.

If you need to take a break or go to the restroom, you can pause your movie. You’ll never miss a scene again. Even if you didn’t catch what was said or happened in the last scene, you could always go back.

Having a theater in your home also brings people together. Share your favorite action-packed movie with your friends and family for a fun day.

Fully Customizable

It’s simple to customize your home theater system to be whatever you want. Choose the layout of the room, speakers, accessories, furniture and TV to suit your needs.

There’s no limit to what you can create with a surround sound system and home entertainment setup. If you can imagine it, we can design it.

Video Game Optimization

If you are a gamer, having a home theater changes the way you enjoy your favorite platform. Everything becomes more immersive, with larger than life imagery. With surround speakers, you hear every chord in Guitar Hero and every gunshot in Call of Duty.

Front Row Seats

Instead of fighting the crowds at your favorite sporting events, you can enjoy front row seats from your home. Pair your home theater with sporting subscriptions to host the Sunday football games or March Madness nights. Even the Olympics come across on the big screen as if you were in the stadium.

Increased Home Value

The properly designed theater with a professionally installed home audio system increases the value of your home. Transforming your basement, additional room or garage space into an area that hosts a high-quality sounding system only increases what your home is worth.

In addition, the increase in appeal of your home makes it easier to host events. Your home theater quickly becomes the highlight of any party. Showcase your style and class during the next family gathering; you might even lose a few of the kids who want to check out a movie during the party.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Home Theater Installation

Before having a consultation with our team, there are some things you should decide. Here are the top items to evaluate while planning your home theater installation.

  1. What type of system do you want? Are you looking for something low-cost and basic, or do you want to create every dream you’ve ever had?
  2. How much space are you working with? It’s possible to create a quality system in any amount of space.
  3. What role does the TV play in your setup?
  4. What speakers do you plan to install and will that include a subwoofer? Do you have them already or do you need us to recommend the best options?
  5. Is the TV going to remain on a stand or should it be professionally mounted?
  6. What accessories do you require to complete the installation?
  7. Would it be better if you installed a projector instead of a TV?
  8. Where do you plan on mounting your projector?
  9. Will you have mounted speakers or will they be stand-alone?
  10. Do you have ambient lighting in the room? If so, you might want to consider adding some motorized shades to enhance the experience.

If these questions confuse you, don’t worry. Our experienced home theater specialists can help you determine what your needs are. We offer our professional input to help you determine what you want.

From the beginning to the end, creating a home theater is an excellent way to express yourself. Bring the experience of the movies right into your home. Create a place that your family and friends want to visit often.

Why We MountTVs?

You don’t want just anyone working with your expensive electronic equipment. We Mount TVs has proven to be the leader in home theater installation. We know what it takes to achieve the results you desire.

From the layout to the final configuration, we have the expertise to perfect your system. We know how to work with the lens shift and throw ratio to create an ideal picture from anywhere in the room. Then, we customize the speaker systems to give you that movie-quality sound you desire.

Nothing compares to a theater setup performed by We Mount TVs. Contact us for a consultation today. Our team works around your schedule and makes flexible appointments to suit you.

There are never any hidden fees in your setup. All of our installation packages clearly outline what comes with your service so you never face any surprises.

Contact We Mount TVs today to learn more about our home theater installation process.