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A television can be a bulky, even clunky addition to a space. So, how do you add one to your room without ruining the feng shui? Here are 3 simple tips to help you blend your television into your home decór.

Over the Mantle

If you are installing your television over a fireplace or mantle, center the television and add two decór pieces to either side, like candles, lamps, or flower vases. Some homes come with spaces built into the wall specifically for television mounting. The professional that is mounting your television will know exactly how to place it into that space. If you want to add a little luxury, you can install doors on the outside of the space that open to reveal the television.

Another option to consider is getting a swivel mount. This will allow you to have your television sit center above the mantle, blending in nicely. Then, when you are ready to watch television, you can conveniently swivel the television to face the viewers in the room.

If You Like It, Put a Frame On It

Another simple trick is framing your television. Visit your local framing store to find the right size. Then, pick a texture and color that matches the rest of the decór in your room. Cords can then be tucked behind the frame or even through the wall with help from a professional.

You will need to know your television size before you search for a frame. If you are getting a large television, note that you might have to invest in a custom frame. So, budget accordingly ahead of time!

Best of Both Worlds

Mounting your television is the safest way to go. But that doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to that beautiful vintage cabinet or armoire that you found at the antique store. Simply, find a way to incorporate home audio speakers, DVD players, and remotes into the cabinet. Then, mount the television over the furniture piece.

Depending on the screen size, you can easily fit both the television and the furniture in the room, especially if you choose to mount the television on the wall. A complete space saver, this will also keep your television from tipping onto your furniture or viewers!

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