TV Mounting

Are you considering purchasing a new flat screen, perhaps a new curved television? Getting a new TV is exciting!

Once you get it into your home, where you put it will affect your viewing experience. Get the most out of your new television by placing it in your home effectively.

Proper Placement for Your Television

Think about a movie theatre. Your eyes are aligned with the center of the screen. The best place to put your new television is even with your eye level depending on where you are sitting. For most homes, this means the TV should be positioned about four feet off of the ground.

Think about what is around the space where you are going to put the TV. Do not put your TV over a fireplace where embers and ash can get on the screen. Do not place your television near a large window. This will create an unsightly glare, making it difficult to see the screen.

As far as distance goes, the optimal viewing distance is 1.6 times the diagonal distance of the TV. So, for a standard 55-inch TV, the viewing distance should be 7.33 feet.

Types of Mounts

You want your eyes to hit about the middle of the screen. So, what if there’s a four-foot difference in height between you and other viewers, like your children? You want to keep your children safe from falling TVs. Investing in a tilted television mount is the best way to go. A tilted television mount gives you the option to adjust the position of your television up and down as you please.

Even more functional than a tilt mount is the swivel mount! A swivel mount gives you the ability to move your television left and right. This way no matter where you sit in the room, you can get the perfect view.

Hire a Professional

If you are thinking about mounting your new television, hiring a TV installation professional is the safest, most effective method. Make sure your installation is handled with care. Contact the experts at WeMountTVs today!