Projector Installation Services

Whether you require projector installation for your residential or commercial configuration, We Mount TVs has the experience you need. We specialize in projector ceiling mount installation plus projector screen installation. Find out what makes our team special with your next projector installation service.

Reasons to Use a Projector

If you’re debating over the advantages of having projector installation performed, let’s review a few reasons why you might consider implementing this technology. First, homeowners face several benefits when swapping a TV for a projector. These include:

Space-saving design – you don’t need to mount a TV. Instead, use a retractable screen and have projector ceiling mount installation performed.

Cost-saving – you can buy a much larger screen for less money than with a TV.

Complete connectivity – hook up your Chromecast, Apple TV, video game console, Blu-ray player and any other device for maximum versatility.

Safe for kids and pets – there’s less of a chance of kids or pets knocking over the equipment. Projectors and screens tend to remain out of the way of harm.

Authentic movie experience – nothing reminds you of a theater more than a projector screen. Experience the thrill of the movies every time you sit down to watch your favorite flicks.

Here are some benefits to having projector screen installation performed at your business.

Share images for projects – interactive short-throw projectors include annotation software that allows you to use a stylus to discuss company tasks in detail.

Collaboration made easy – instead of gathering around small images of the work, project it in a larger format for everyone to see.

Cutting edge technology – when presenting information to employees, clients and vendors, you want to have the latest innovations to show your dominance in the marketplace.

Overview of a Typical Projector Installation

While every projector and screen installation is unique, we tend to follow a standard procedure for most jobs. Here’s what you can expect from the We Mount TVs team.

Site Survey

All installation begins with you making a phone call for an appointment. Sometimes, the task is simple enough that we can quote it over the phone. Other times, it requires a site survey. Our project manager determines what level of care is needed

If we must come out to give you a quote, we make an appointment based on your schedule. It’s never our hope to inconvenience you, which is why we offer flexible hours. We evaluate the projector you plan to use as well as the screen size to determine your needs. If you don’t have the equipment yet, we are happy to provide our top choices to you.

If you have something other than drywall or a drop-ceiling commercial location, please make sure we know that to save everyone time.


Our professional projector install team arrives at the scheduled meeting time. All the preliminary work is performed first. This includes unpacking all of the equipment, scouting the area for last-minute changes and organizing the project into steps.


We attach the mount in the location you request. Most often, it’s either a wall-mount or ceiling mount that you require. There are other custom projector mounts some people ask for, such as a suspended configuration.

We then secure the projector to the mount and test the durability.

Running Cables

Now it’s time for us to run the projector, VGA and HDMI cables. These go from the projector to a wall drop box to provide easy access. Our expert technicians run your cables through the ceiling or we arrange them in another solution geared toward your custom setup.

No matter how we run the cables, we always ensure everything remains hidden. There’s no need to look at unsightly cords in order to enjoy a projector system.

Signal Source Connection

Before we move on, we must ensure that the signal source is set up. In commercial applications, this tends to be a computer. We verify the connection before proceeding forward.

This is also the time to set up any peripheral equipment. If you have surround sound, a cable box or Blu-ray player you need connected, we handle all of that.

Projector Screen Installation

Once the projector is taken care of, it’s time to move on to the installation of any projection screens. We mount the screen in your specified location. We handle both the pull-down and motorized screens. Remember, with a motorized screen, a power supply is also required.

Focus & Alignment

Now that all of the equipment is set up, it’s time for us to align and focus your image on the projector screen. We ensure we have the proper distances for a crisp, clear view. Our team also makes manual corrections of the keystone effect so any distortion is eliminated.

Count on us to provide the best vertical lens shift, vertical offset, horizontal lens shift and throw distance adjustments needed to create the best image quality possible. Our team is expert in throw ratio and other projector adjustments.

After all, what good is it to have a projector set up if it isn’t showing clearly in the center of the screen?

Quality Check

After installation is complete, we take time to go over everything. It’s vital to us that the entire job is performed at the highest quality level. We double-check all of our work to ensure your satisfaction. We also spend this time cleaning up any mess that was left behind from the project.


Before leaving, our team works with you to guarantee that you know how to operate the new equipment. We go over all of the controls and allow you to try it out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask while we are on site. Our team strives to please every client – no matter how big or small the project is.

Let Us Help You with Your Projector Ceiling Mount Installation

Our projector installation service goes beyond the basics to create your dream come true. We Mount TVs has earned a reputation in the community for providing exceptional service and support. Our installation services go beyond projectors for a complete package.

We also handle all of your residential or commercial sound system and home theater needs. Our staff is fully trained and stays up-to-date on the latest technology. If you require additional cables, mounts or brackets, we have them on hand to keep the project moving.

You can see our work in local conference centers, churches, schools, night clubs, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, financial institutions, showrooms and industrial locations. Bring us your vision and let us turn it into a reality for your home or business.

Our integrated audio/visual systems incorporate the best in video and sound technology to enhance the performance of your new projector system; talk to us about the additional services we offer. Contact We Mount TVs today to begin your free quote.