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Are you a man? Are you looking for the perfect space to be the most manly of men with your bros and watch the game, uninterrupted, in luxury and solitude? You’ve come to the right place! We Mount TVs is here to help you create the ideal man cave. Read on.

#1 Location, Location, Location

The perfect man cave must be its own space. If you’ve got a basement, a remodeled attic, or even a nicer garage (that you don’t house cars in), you’re set. Basically, you need your own door that you can close. This is your man cave, after all. You decide who is allowed to enter!

To make the space comfy and livable, add the right furniture. Besides luxury pieces like a pool table or a fully furnished bar, there are three basic essentials:

  • a comfy couch or chair (preferably one that reclines)
  • a fridge for beer and snacks
  • a huge flat screen TV

#2 Huge Flat Screen Television

No man cave is complete without a huge flat screen TV. But even more important than the size is the setup. You must decide if you want a swivel mount or a flat mount. Do you want a flat screen TV or a curved TV? Are you thinking of investing in a smart TV? Once you have made the major decisions, figure out the best way to blend your new baby into the decor that you already have. Keep the aesthetic manly but mature.

Figure out where you want the television to hang. Depending on the size of the room, the television, and your sound equipment, you will want your television to hang at a certain distance from the couch and at just the right level. Once you have hired a professional team of installation experts, you are almost done.  All you need now is that deep bass audio.

#3 Superior Surround Sound System

The right sound system makes all the difference. Though televisions have gotten louder, often times we find that their sound has gotten weaker. So what can you do to get the ultimate man cave sound? Invest in the right equipment. The experts at We Mount TVs suggest a soundbar, the latest in HD home audio.

A soundbar will provide you with even sound quality, a sleek aesthetic, and convenience. Not only is the cost of a soundbar usually pretty reasonable, most come with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. This means you can play music or television audio without getting up from the couch!

Let the Experts at We Mount TVs Help You Build Your Man Cave Today!

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