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Curved televisions are the new big thing. Sony, Samsung, and LG have revealed models known as 4K/UHD TVs. Samsung has even claimed the curved TVs are now outselling flat TVs. So, should you get one today? Here are the pros and cons of curved televisions.

Pros to Curved Televisions

#1: You can truly immerse yourself in the experience.

The curved edges give you a sense of peripheral vision that you don’t get with a flat screen. Because the rounded screen adds more dimension than a flat screen, a curved television gives you more “real” perception of what you’re watching. Your field of view, as long as you’re sitting in front of the screen, becomes larger. (Think of an extremely small-scale IMAX theater.)

#2: The image is clearer.

Many claim that the image with a curved screen is sharper. The reason for this is that the curved edges make the edges in the image appear sharper. However, this applies best for larger screens and when the viewers sit directly in front of the screen, not on the sides.

The curved edges also give the image more dimension and richer contrast. Because the curved screens do not scatter light – rather they focus light toward the center – curved screens give the perception of clearer, richer imagery. 

Cons to Curved Televisions

#1: The curved shape is not ideal for viewing.

If you sit an angle, in other words not directly (and closer than usual) in front of the screen, the picture can start to look widened or elongated. Sitting at a really wide angle could cause you to not see part of the picture at all because of the curved edges. For this reason, curved TVs are not ideal nor practical for more than two or three viewers at once.

Light sources other than the television can also mess with the picture. Windows, lamps, even white furniture can reflect onto the screen distorting the picture. Dark rooms without windows are perfect for curved TVs.

Curved televisions also look slightly awkward when mounted on the wall. Isn’t this why flat screens were invented in the first place? As experts in TV mounting in Birmingham, AL, we can say for sure that many homeowners prefer flat-screen TVs to curved ones for this reason.

#2: Curved televisions come with a heavy price tag.

Curved screens are more costly to make than flat ones. For this reason, curved TVs tend to be a lot more expensive.

Also, the larger the TV, the more effective the curved screen is. Any screen less than 65 inches is really not even worth it. However, the larger the TV, the greater the price. Most curved TVs start at about $1,000.

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