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To that point, we want to let you know that children are often injured by tipped TVs. Keep your kids safe from harm by talking to a TV mounting company in Birmingham and Orlando today.

Children Injured Daily

Large plasma flat-screen TVs reside in most homes today. However, because of their shape and size, they tend to be unstable and top-heavy. Thus they can be easily tipped over. According to many emergency room record studies, over 15,000 children are treated every year for injuries related to televisions.

That means approximately every thirty minutes a child is injured or even killed by a falling TV. This statistic must be changed!

TV Tipping is a Preventable Problem

It is a serious problem caused by different factors: the shape of the television, the size, the height, the stand or entertainment system it is sitting on. Very young children tend to climb and pull on things. Being such heavy objects, televisions can be extremely dangerous around kids.

The rising number of deaths and injuries has not decreased with the invention of flat screen or curved TVs. Rather it continues to increase.

Not only can children tip over TVs. There is the fear of children bumping, hitting, and running into TVs. Most injuries involve children under five. Injuries to the head and neck can be severe, even fatal. These injuries are preventable.

There are many options for mounting your television. A flat wall mount will keep the television against the wall. A swivel mount will give you more flexibility with room functionality.

It is best to hire a professional installation company  to mount your TV efficiently and safely. Talk to your local TV mounting company in Birmingham, and learn about the various options available to keep your kids safe.

TV Mounting in Birmingham, AL

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