swivel mount tv mounting

Once you have picked out that perfect TV, the next thing you have to decide on is which TV mounting and installation method is best for your specific needs.

There are different types of tv wall mounts out there. Mounting options range from fixed (closest to the wall and offers no movement), tilt (slightly away from the wall and able to tilt up or down), to swivel (able to tilt up or down and come out from the wall and swivel right or left).

Obviously, swivel offers the greatest range of motion and turns any seat in the room to an ideal viewing spot, but do you really need a swivel mount? Unless you are placing your television in a corner, the answer is likely “no!”

Higher Cost with Lower Aesthetics

One reason you may want to go with either the fixed or tilt mounts is the price point. Swivel mounts are the more expensive option. For the increase in price you would think that the swivel mount would be more pleasing to the eye. However, swivel mounts are also the less attractive choice!

Why choose a swivel mount when it costs more and 99.9% of the time you don’t really need a swivel mount?

Swivel Mounts Work Best With Lighter TVs

Another factor to consider is the size of your TV. A fixed mount is the strongest, since it is held closest to the wall. Therefore, looking to install your new 60” 4K television in your family room? Stay away from the swivel!

The swivel mount comes out from the wall considerably more, making it weaker. Though it can still accommodate most TV sizes, a swivel mount is not the best choice for a larger TV.

When to Use a Swivel Mount

There are some situations where a swivel mount is the best choice. For instance, corner mounted TVs work best with a swivel mount. Likewise, a recessed cabinet, originally meant for a boxy tube TV, is the perfect location to use a swivel mount. The cabinet hides the mounting hardware and TV appears to float flush with the front of the cabinet.

Let the TV Installation Experts Help You

Unsure about which how to properly install your new TV or don’t know which mounting system suits your space? You’re not alone! We can help.

Contact We Mount TVs today! We will come to your location and evaluate your space and then provide you with our professional recommendations on getting the most out of your entertainment space with property TV mounting and installation!

Our professionals can then install your system in the way that works best for you and your budget!