bridge style power kit

A bridge-style power kit provides power to your AV equipment. A kit typically consists of a power outlet and power inlet bridged by a conductor wire. The power outlet hides behind the television, and the inlet is usually installed near existing outlets on your wall.

Why Do You Need a Bridge-Style Kit?

If you cannot fish power cords through your walls, installing a bridge-style power kit gives you a different option for hiding your power cord. Some suggest installing another electrical outlet. However, if the new outlet is not located directly beneath where your television will be mounted, you will have to cut through your wall to fish your wire all the way from your existing outlet to your new one. Then, you will have to patch and sand drywall as well as compound and paint it to hide all your work.

A bridge-style power kit can provide the perfect solution if you don’t have an electrical outlet near where you want to mount your television. You can plug the inlet portion directly into your electrical outlet or surge protector.

Install Your Bridge-Style Power Kit Today!

It is easy to get your television to blend into your home decor using a bridge-style power kit. You can install it over a mantle. For in-wall concealment, a bridge-style power kit is your best option.

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