TV Mounting Birmingham OrlandoYour home has furniture, lights, and plenty of devices to keep you entertained and comfortable. But does it have whole home audio?

Whole home audio brings high-fidelity music to every room in your house, using speakers built into your walls or ceiling. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary new way to bring music and sound into your home for your entire family.

How Does It Work?

Music and cable signals can be sent throughout your home through a central audio and/or video system. The only equipment found in each room is either small wireless speakers, which can be placed anywhere, or speakers directly built into your home. These systems can be controlled through remotes or control panels which can be mounted.

With the technology available, you can make this a part of your home today easily and at a low cost.

Where Does the Music Come From?

You can listen to music from almost any source – CDs, Internet radio stations, your computer, or DVD players. This music can then play throughout your home.

With single zones, one input is shared with multiple outputs. With multiple zones, individual sources can be placed in each zone allowing different family members to listen to their own music.

Single Amplifiers

The cheapest and simplest method involves a single receiver which can be split. Though the input is central, meaning all rooms will hear the same music, the output volume in each room can be controlled individually. However, there is also a way to control the master source volume by adding a distribution system.

For single zone systems, the simplest method is to use wireless radio frequency control systems which can be done using remote extenders. That equipment converts infrared signals to radio frequency signals which then transmit through your walls and back to the equipment.

Multiple Amplifiers

Multiple amplifiers or receivers can share sources, creating different zones. This method is bit more expensive but provides its own benefits. Using this method, different rooms can listen to different sources at the same time. Again, a distribution system can be added to allow different rooms to control volume and sources in their zones individually.

With multiple zone amplifiers, different methods can be combined allowing your whole house audio and/or video system to be completely customized. In order to make multiple zones work, you must be able to control them within each zone. If you don’t have this capability, you will have to go back to one specific area in your house every time you want to change a zone source or adjust the volume.

Intelligent Home Automation

Many systems use an intelligent home automation control system. This allows your customized whole home audio system to be truly designed to your preferences. One touch can control the entire system. Family members can choose which source they want as input without dealing with more than one remote or mounted device.

Some systems these days even have motion detectors that allow the music to follow you around your home!

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