Welcome to the NEW WeMountTvs.com!

We hope you enjoy our new website! We are always striving to be the best in our business so we wanted to give the user the best experience possible. Please feel free to look around and let us know if we can assist you in any of your TV Installation, or Home Audio/Video Needs. Please […]

Show off that TV

Your TV is generally the focal point of any living room anywhere, but this is your own theater. It deserves to be shown off, front and center, for any occasion. Therefore, having a highly rated, efficient and clear television set should also take high priority when setting everything up. Perhaps you have your own, in […]

Say Goodbye to Multiple Remotes

Everybody has been there at some point in life. It’s a ubiquitous sighting that occurs in almost every home. The typical coffee table, bedecked with a litany of remote controls, strewn about the place. Differing sizes, colors, shapes, brand names (you have to color-coordinate with the device) and just about any other variations one can […]