tv mounting birminghamMaybe you have just purchased a new TV for your man cave or a 4K TV for your family room. Perhaps you even bought a small TV to put in your kid’s bedroom so he can play his video games without interrupting your favorite TV show.

All of these different scenarios have one thing in common: you want to make sure you hide those unsightly wires.

At We Mount TVs, we not only mount your new television in the perfect spot for optimal viewing, but we also hide all of those annoying wires that are simply distracting.

Why, exactly, should you hide the wires?

Hanging Wires Take Away From the Beauty of the Room

You can ruin the look of a streamlined, modern TV in a beautiful room by leaving the wires showing. It looks sloppy at best and lazy at worst.

Why invest in such a nice piece of technology and then leave it with an unfinished look? Hiding the wires preserves the aesthetic of the room instead of creating a distraction.

At We Mount TVs, our TV installation experts will install your television properly while hiding all the messy cables and cords!

Exposed Wires, Cords, and Cables are Dangerous

Leaving the wires exposed when you install a TV can be hazardous to both kids and animals. Family pets are notorious for chewing on cables.

Remember the cat in the Christmas Vacation movie? You don’t want that happening to your furry family member!

The best way to protect your pets from an unwanted electric surge is to hide those annoying cables.

Pets aren’t the only ones who are curious about cords and cables. Children are also in danger of electrical injury caused by leaving wires hanging from your TV. Small children explore the world by putting things in their mouth. Hiding all the wires in your home is an important step in childproofing your home.

In short, hiding the wires not only looks better, but is safer for your family.

Get Professional TV Installation

The TV installation professionals at We Mount TVs in Birmingham, AL and Orlando, FL can help.

Our highly experienced technicians want to make sure your home is free from the dangers and distraction of exposed wires. We can help give your family room or man cave the professional touch that gives you the best viewing experience, free from clusters of wires.

What are you waiting for? Get the professional TV installation in Birmingham, AL or Orlando, FL, starting at only $99.

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