Your TV is generally the focal point of any living room anywhere, but this is your own theater. It deserves to be shown off, front and center, for any occasion. Therefore, having a highly rated, efficient and clear television set should also take high priority when setting everything up.

Perhaps you have your own, in which case the theater will be set up with all the necessary dimensions in mind as to maximize the setup. If you’re looking for an opportunity to upgrade to a bigger and better set then we can help with that as well.

There are many different types and sizes of TVs today and the choices are only going to get more and more complicated as time goes by. Whether you’re into Plasma, LCD or LED, the results can be mixed and varied. It all depends on what you’re looking to get into and what you’re watching on it.

LCD and LED are nearly identical types of television sets with a difference that LEDs are lit with LED backlighting which are more efficient and long-lasting than traditional methods of fluorescent backlighting in LCDs.

While LCD and LED typically have better color and contrast, Plasma offers a better view from off-angles and the looks are a bit more realistic, though Plasma doesn’t vary in size nearly as much as the LCD and LEDs do. Also Plasma delivers better picture in motion (think action movies or sports) than the LED/LCDs. So, depending on what you’re looking for in a set, either flat-screen option will deliver stunning results for your viewing pleasure.

Then there’s the question of mounting the TV. Wall mounting can be a bit of a struggle and a lot of sets don’t come with brackets, screws, tools and least of all, instructions, to help you in this matter. There are ways to save floor space that used to be taken up needlessly. The use of shelving units and TV stands are a thing of the past with a well-mounted TV. Plus, it just looks cleaner and that’s something everyone enjoys. If you’re thrown into this thing blindly you deserve a little help in that department as well. All mounting can be done at the drop of a hat with our team of experts.

It’s especially great for parents looking out for little ones running around, tripping on cords and bumping into furniture whilst playing with cousins and such. Plus, you don’t want that big investment of a TV tipping over because Fritz the Cat decided it was a nice chair.

What they can and will do is locate a stud or anchor to mount this screen to. If you’ve not done construction before you ought to leave it to the pros because, again, you don’t want to come home one day with a shattered TV on the floor among anything else it takes with it on the way down.

Now, the type of mount you want you television to rest on is entirely up to your expectations of what you want to do with the room and there are a few options on the table to suit your needs.

  • Flat – A simple mount job attaches TV to bracket making giving an open view like a vista.
  • Tilt – The ability to adjust for light or shade makes this mount a simple yet refined approach to your viewing experience.
  • Adjustable Tilt & Swivel – Tilting and swiveling left and right makes this a clever option, if there ever were one.
  • Articulating – Max amount of adjustment makes for a perfect picture at all angles. Coming forward, side-to-side and tilting up or down makes this the ultimate in mounting bracket technology.