professional television mounting

Avoid the high price tags and pushy salesmen of big box stores. Get the professional television mounting advice and service you’re looking for in Birmingham, AL, or Orlando, FL, from WeMountTVs.

How Can We Help?

Big box stores typically provide little information on their websites about television installation options and methods. They tell you the price, but not what you’re really getting for it. They give you general information, but it doesn’t answer your questions.

WeMountTVs isn’t a big box store! We offer a blog full of expert advice (like how to blend your new television into your home decor) so that every aspect of your home theater fits your needs and lifestyle perfectly.

To big box stores, you are customer number #1,450. They have streamlined their services to apply to any customer without regard for their unique needs. To us, you’re number one every time! We are here to personally help every customer find the best products and services.

TV Installation and Sales

At WeMountTVs, our installation experts make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. If you need your television to serve an entire room, perhaps you should look into a swivel mount. One of our experts can help you decide if this option is right for you!

At big box stores, you may run into salesmen trying to upsell products and push you toward services that won’t actually benefit you. Not at WeMountTVs! We recommend only the services you truly need. Then, we handle the installation of your new TV while you sit back and relax!

It’s All About the Money

Big box stores charge fees on top of fees: site assessment, professional television mounting, speaker setup, remote and HDMI cable setup… The list goes on and on! But our services are affordable, convenient, and tailored. Learn more about WeMountTVs and get started on your next television project today. Contact our experts!