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Automating your home is the latest trend today, and many homeowners on all ends of the spectrum are integrating automated controls into their homes.

There are two main innovations that many homeowners in the area are starting to embrace: the Nest Thermostat and Lutron technology. Both can be used to automate anything from the temperature of your home (while tracking usage and savings via the Nest) to lights, television, and more.

The Nest Thermostat

You truly light up the room when you walk in. At least, that’s the case with a Nest Thermostat. With a bright, user- friendly display, the Nest Thermostat is something truly new and innovative. In bold large letters, it displays the temperature and the time large enough that you can see it from across the room.

Based on motion sensors, the thermostat display lights up as soon as you enter the room. As the seasons change and your habits form, the Nest Thermostat adapts. Within one week, it can program itself!

If your turn down your heat everyday at a certain time when you head out for work, Nest will take notice. It also knows when you are away. So, if you leave early one day, it will automatically turn down itself.

Nest also tells you how much energy you save every day. With history reports you can keep better track of your heat and cooling to stay cost efficient. Nest thermostat installation can be simple and fast with the help of professionals. Get yours today!

Lutron Technology

A Lutron remote is the easiest way to control the smart devices within your home. From adjusting the temperature to turning on the light in a room before you get there, the Lutron remote gives you wireless control of your home.

The new Lutron app works in conjunction with the Nest Thermostat. The app, compatible with any iOS or Android phone/tablet, gives you the capability to adjust your temperature without being in the room. You can also manage your Home or Away settings directly from your device.

Lutron technology works wirelessly with lights and shades in your home as well. With your mobile device, tablet, or even your Apple Watch, you can dim your lights or turn up the air in your home from the palm of your hand without having to be in your home.

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