Best TV Wall Mounts of 2019

As a leader in home theaters, we’ve seen our share of wall mounts, which is how we know they aren’t created equally. When you start your hunt for the best TV wall mounts, you have to know what to look for. That’s why we created this TV mounts review guide to share our expertise with our valued customers.

The Best TV Wall Mounts of 2019: Buying Guide

As you start the hunt, there are some key points you want to look for. Consider these factors when making your decision.


Do you want a tilt and swivel design, or is a fixed mount valuable to you? You can opt for a full range of motion or one that provides a slight tilt. The possibilities are endless, so make sure you get what works for your space and desires.


You must have a mount that supports the shape and size of your television. This requirement is especially essential if you have a curved TV. Don’t forget to include the weight capacity as well. Many wall mounts accommodate numerous sizes, so check the compatibility.


Some brands simply excel above the rest. While there are exceptions to the rule, we’ve found that certain brands often seem to provide the highest quality standards at reasonable prices.


That brings us to the budget. Not everyone can afford to purchase the latest, greatest TV mount, and that’s okay. Determine your budget in advance to find a mount that fits your needs.

 Different Types of TV Wall Mounts

No matter what kind of TV you currently have, there’s a wall mount that works with it. You can hang an LCD, OLED, or even a plasma TV. Let’s take a look at a few options available to you.

Fixed TV Wall Mount

This basic mount is all that most people need. It’s also referred to as a low profile TV wall mount. With this design, your TV is as close to the wall as possible. It also doesn’t stick out in the room, which is ideal for smaller spaces.

If you have HDMI connectors on your TV, you might need to purchase right-angle cables or HDMI adapters. With side ports, this isn’t a problem. Of course, you do need a good amount of wall for this to work.

Tilting TV Wall Mount

Although very similar to a low profile wall bracket, this mount allows the screen to tilt up and down. Typically, it tilts about 15 degrees in either direction. By adjusting the vertical angle, you can view the screen from unusual positions.

For example, if you need to put it higher than normal, such as over your fireplace, you can easily angle the TV down for a better viewing position. This also helps you reduce glares from lights or windows.

Articulating TV Wall Mount

This style allows maximum flexibility because you can change the position in a variety of ways. You can find a simple pivot mount to move the TV from left to right or pick a flexible tilt and swivel mount to pull it away from the wall as well.

Many articulating TV mounting brackets allow a variety of movements. With this type, you can install the TV in a corner. When you don’t have a large flat wall spot, the articulating style offers a great option.

Then, when the TV isn’t in use, it’s simple to push the TV against the wall. When you want to view your favorite show, simply pull it out and angle it however you wish.

Custom Made Mounts

If you can’t find full motion TV mounts that fit your needs, it might be time to consider a custom made option instead. Sometimes, the best full motion TV wall mount is the one designed just for you. At We Mount TVs, we aim to provide everything our clients need to enjoy home theater equipment.

Our options are constructed to fit your needs at a price you will feel good about.

TV Mount vs. Entertainment Stand

One of the biggest dilemmas is whether to use a TV mount or entertainment stand. Let’s get a closer look at the differences so you can decide what’s best for you.


Entertainment Center Pros

Matches décor

You can match your TV stand to the décor for an added touch. Having built-in pieces draws more attention to the room.


Entertainment centers are larger and tend to offer some additional room for your books, décor, media and kids’ toys.

TV Mount Pros

Safe with children

You don’t have to worry about furniture falling on your children or pets.


There are lots of stylish options on the market for the perfect look to your room.


You can place your mount in any room, no matter how small. How much more laundry could you fold if you had a TV in the utility room? Imagine watching your favorite cooking shows while making dinner.

Best viewing angles

Tilt the TV down to avoid glares or use the dual arms to rotate it just right. With full motion, you gain the perfect viewing angle from anywhere in a room.

Entertainment Center Cons

Not ideal with children

Surprisingly, one child dies every ten days when a TV or piece of furniture falls onto him or her according to AnchorIt. If you plan to use an entertainment center or stand, it should be adequately anchored to the wall. Keep in mind, though that doing so doesn’t prevent toddlers from climbing it, which is also a safety hazard.

Doesn’t always fit

If you don’t have enough space or the configuration of your room is odd, you might not be able to squeeze in a stand big enough for your TV. You also don’t want a TV stand in your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom, but a mount would be ideal.

Limited viewing

Because the entertainment center doesn’t move, you have limited areas to view the screen. You don’t have an articulating arm for tilts and motion with this option.

Required to clean often

Under your entertainment center, dust and debris collect regularly. You can employ a robot vacuum; otherwise, you will have to clean often. You might even find some kids’ toys hiding out under there.

TV Mount Cons

Lack of storage

You don’t have anywhere to put your stuff. With the space that you save, you can purchase a dresser, bench or another fun piece of furniture for storage. It’s also fun to add some floating shelves or a wall mounted media shelf with your TV.


If the installation isn’t done properly, you might have wires hanging everywhere. This is unsightly and not tidy. Thankfully, we have a solution for that.


Best TV Wall Mounts Review

Now that you understand what is available and how to find the perfect fit, it’s time to review a few of our favorites. While there are numerous options we would recommend, these are some of the top picks in our TV mounts review.

Best Full Motion Wall Mount: VideoSecu MW380B2

Full Motion Wall Mount: VideoSecu MW380B2

When you sit down to the big game, you want to see every move. We highly recommend the VideoSecu MW380B2 to watch your favorite show or an action-filled movie. It holds TVs ranging in size from 37 to 70 inches and supports up to 165 pounds.

With the dual-arm design, you receive a 160-degree side-to-side swiveling motion. It also provides 15-degree forward plus 5-degree backward tilt.

This mount extends up to 25 inches away from your wall when you use it. The unit comes complete with a cable management covers on its arm. With this design, you have protection for all the wires, plus they remain hidden for a seamless appearance.

If you want to hold your TV with maximum motion, you can’t go wrong with this option.


  • Holds up to 165 pounds
  • Superior cable management
  • Features a lock and release safety system with the mounting brackets
  • Comes complete with standard mounting screws and an HDMI cable


  • Difficult to install (which is where we come in)

Best Articulating TV Mount: Echogear EGLF1-BK

Articulating TV Mount: Echogear EGLF1-BK

The Echogear is a top choice among articulating mounts because of the heavy-gauge, durable metal construction. It holds televisions ranging from 37 to 70 inches with weights up to 132 pounds. Echogear boasts that the mount is tested weight reaching four times what it is rated for, so you have additional peace of mind.

With this unit, you can pull your TV up to 16 inches away from the wall, then back to 2.6 inches from the wall when you are finished. Attach this model to your 16-inch wall studs with the hardware in the package for a secure hold. Once it is hung, you can use your hands to tilt it 15-degrees for the perfect viewing angle.

You also gain a full 130 degrees of swivel space for more flexibility. You can sit anywhere in the room and have the best seat.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Creates a perfect viewing angle from anywhere in the room
  • Universal mounting brackets work with any major TV brand
  • Variety of VESA patterns to fit your TV


  • Might require specialized screws for installation (we can help with that)

Best Tilting TV Wall Mount: Echogear EGLT1-BK

Tilting TV Wall Mount: Echogear EGLT1-BK

With the Echogear tilting mount, you gain a low profile option at a fantastic price. It holds TVs from 32 to 70 inches and with weights up to 125 pounds. That’s what makes this option ideal for older and heavier models.

Once hung, this mount provides 15-degree tilt ability for simple adjustment with your hands. Direct the television where you want it, so the entire room gets a good angle. On the mount, your TV is placed 2.5 inches from the wall. That amount of space is perfect for your cords and cables. You can also attach your Blu-ray player or DVR without an issue.

The best part about this option is the lightweight design. At under nine pounds, this VESA compatible design works with most sets and comes with a strong steel construction


  • Tilts in any direction
  • Sits 2.5 inches from the wall
  • Durable steel construction
  • Compatible with many VESA patterns


  • Tightening the screws is difficult (we’ve got it covered)

Best Curved TV Wall Mount: Loctek R2

Curved TV Wall Mount: Loctek R2

Curved televisions haven’t taken over quite yet, but there is a market for them. The right wall mount bracket is essential for wall placement with this type of TV. With the Loctek R2, you achieve a perfect hold on your curved TV ranging from 32 to 70 inches. It also supports up to 99 pounds of weight.

With this unit, you can pull the TV away from the wall up to 18.8 inches. Then, it retracts back to the wall at just 3.3 inches, which is plenty of room for your cables and equipment.

The 10-degree tilt allows you to reduce glare or change the viewing direction for guests. It also features a wide-angle swivel with 90 degrees of motion in every direction.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Plenty of compatible VESA patterns
  • Provides plenty of viewing angles
  • Easy to position


  • Included mounting hardware is useless (that’s why you have us)

Best Fixed TV Wall Mount: SANUS Classic MLL11

Fixed TV Wall Mount: SANUS Classic MLL11

When a basic model is all that you need, this model from SANUS fits the bill. It doesn’t tilt or swivel, but it holds your TV. The low-profile aspect allows you to mount your TV just 1.84 inches from the wall. It also features a locking mechanism for a secure hold.

With the universal capacity, it fits most TVs between 37 and 80 inches that weigh up to 130 pounds. It comes pre-assembled, so all you will need help with is attaching it to your wall.

Many customers enjoy the unobtrusive, sleek design that blends with any décor. You can utilize the open plate design to hide cables. Just make sure it gets installed where you want it because you can’t adjust the position once it’s mounted.


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Sleek design
  • Open plate to hide cables
  • Provides secure hold


  • TV doesn’t move once installed

Lowest Profile Wall Mount: VideoSecu

Lowest Profile Wall Mount: VideoSecu

VideoSecu provides a low-budget mount with an ultra-slim design. It retracts your television just 1.5 inches from your wall. It holds TVs ranging from 32 to 75 inches that weigh up to 165 pounds. That’s why this style is ideal for all major brands, even the older models. The strong construction also holds most flat screen TV models with complete security.

Utilize the open plate wall design to pass cables through the mount without any interference with the placement at the wall. While this is a basic option, the low profile design is a favorite among those looking to save space.


  • Secure hold
  • Compatible with many models
  • Open plate wall design
  • Space saving style


  • Basic, no frills

Best Overall TV Wall Mount: Videosecu ML531BE


One of the most popular mounts on the market right now is the Videosecu ML531BE. It’s considered to be a top contender as the best full motion TV wall mount. It holds up to 55 inch TVs that weigh 88 pounds or less. Expect it to extend 20 inches from the wall with a low 2.2-inch profile. Go ahead and tilt it backward or forward and watch it swivel 180 degrees.

It contains universal VESA compliant attachments to fit your TV perfectly. What sets this design apart is that only one stud is required for installation. That means we can place it in the corner to save space. This style also features a cord management system for keeping everything organized.


  • Full motion
  • Fits a variety of TVs
  • Installation possible in a corner
  • Cord management system


  • Unusual setup (we can handle it)

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to mounting the TV, there’s a wide array of questions we receive. Here are a few regarding our TV mounts review that might help you make a decision.

Are TV wall mounts safe?

A properly mounted TV is a safe TV. Modern televisions continue to grow in size but are becoming more lightweight, which makes them safer than ever to mount. The key is proper installation, which shouldn’t be handled by anyone short of a professional.

What does VESA mean for wall mounts?

VESA refers to the Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI), which is a family of standards for mounting flat panel TVs and monitors. Typically, these numbers are measured by millimeters. You find them listed by horizontal then vertical measurement. For example, if your TV mounting holes are 400 mm across by 200 mm high, the VESA size reads 400×200.

Can you mount a TV on any wall?

You need a reliable place to attach the mount. It must support the television, so this shouldn’t be taken lightly. For proper installation, you want to find the studs.

Do all walls have studs?

Wood studs are placed 16 or 24 inches on-center across the wall. They run from floor to ceiling and offer a place for lath or drywall to attach. Some homes feature steel studs which require the use of specialty fasteners to support heavier items.

Where should the TV be mounted?

There are not many limitations on where you mount the TV. You want to choose a wall that offers great visibility. You can also pick a corner with the right hardware. Just make sure the spot you choose doesn’t interfere with your décor or artwork.

Where do the cords go?

A mounted TV can look sleek, but if cords are sticking out, it ruins the entire appearance. You don’t want cables stretching across a wall. Even if it’s just one cord, why would you want everyone seeing that trail down to a wall socket? Avoid television tail and unsightly wires with a variety of options. You can install them inside the wall, place an outlet behind the TV or use a professional cord-hider.

Why We Mount TVs?

You can attempt to mount a TV by yourself, but that might lead to disaster. If you live in Birmingham, Nashville, Austin or Orlando, we are your full-service mounting team. Our expert technicians will transform your TV installation to fit your needs.

If you want to get an LCD or HD TV mounted, installed or hung, we have a service that covers you. We can create the home theater experience you always dreamed about.

We handle every detail of the process, from mounting to concealing the wires. We also provide a full selection of deeply discounted TV mounts to fit your budget. We analyze your room to find the ideal spot for stability, safety and visibility. You’ll be amazed at the modern, clean look achieved when the job is complete.

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service and an experience that makes you a customer for life. Whether you purchase a mount from us that’s named in this TV mounts review or have us set up your home theater, you can expect a top-notch team guaranteeing a job well done.

Our TV installation packages start at just $99, so contact us today.