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An outdoor sound system can take your backyard to the next level of entertaining. Imagine family barbecues and summer parties with your friends accompanied by quality sounding music playing outdoors. But setting up surround sound outdoor speakers can require a lot more than installing them indoors.

Here’s more on choosing the right system and having it professionally installed.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Speaker System                                                    

Nature is unpredictable. In other words, it is important that all parts of your outdoor system are weather-proof. You don’t want wind or rain to destroy your new system.  At the same time, you don’t want bulky speakers to become an eyesore. Many systems have speakers disguised as fauna or rocks which can blend right into your landscaping.

Another option many implement is wall-mounted speakers. Just like in your home, wall speakers are mounted, usually on a swivel mount to allow you to adjust which way they face.

Systems can be built to include TVs and video projectors with weather-proof screens. You and your guests can watch movies by the pool, maybe enjoy the big game! Because you’re out in the open, and there are no ceilings which reflect sound,  quality outdoor speakers are very important. You want them to have minimal frequency response which enhances the bass. You want them to produce good sound and also be strong enough to endure unexpectedly extreme weather.

How Outdoor Speaker Systems Work

Most outdoor systems are compatible with most home stereos, as long as the amplifiers have enough wattage to support your outdoor speakers. Always check your manual or contact your speaker company before connecting anything! Installation of your own outdoor speakers can be difficult. Make sure you are careful about each step – especially for systems that require running wires under ground. Consider hiring a company to help install your system for you.

Wireless speakers allow you to enjoy audio without wires. Make sure that you have a reliable frequency without interference before installing a wireless system. Look carefully at all speakers before making your purchase decision. Paper cone speakers tend to produce lower quality bass, and rock stone finishes are often false advertising. Just because it looks like a rock does not mean it will withstand weather like one. Make sure the speaker is heavy in weight and strong/bulky.

How many speakers do you need for your yard is difficult to generalize. Walls, patios, swimming pools, trees, plants, outdoor furniture, and fences make every backyard different. Contact a reliable company for expert advice for the best outdoor audio system for your home.

Learn more about surround sound outdoor speakers for your home today. Contact We Mount TVs for more information to help you get the best-fit whole home audio service for your home!