closed circuit tvs

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a system that uses cameras to monitor your business (or home). The signals are not broadcasted publicly, but are instead used for monitoring and safety purposes.

In short, CCTV can be a great tool for loss prevention and security!

Let’s explore some of the primary benefits of having a CCTV system installed for your business.

CCTV Is a Crime Deterrent

When choosing a location for theft or vandalism, criminals are most likely to choose locations that are not under surveillance. Criminals do not want to be caught committing their crimes so most will choose an easier target.

Therefore, CCTV installation can help keep your business, and your employees, safe.

In the event that your business is subjected to criminal activity, having CCTV installed can help you prosecute the offender. A video of the criminal, caught in the act, is compelling evidence for a conviction. Being able to correctly identify the person responsible also means you have a higher likelihood of recovering any stolen items.

Protection Against Internal Theft

Besides protecting your business from outside threats, having a CCTV system installed lowers the risk of internal theft. Having cameras positioned in strategic locations can show you all the activity going on in your place of business and alert you to unscrupulous behaviors by your employees.

No False Insurance Claims

Additionally, CCTV installation can help prevent false insurance claims in your business. If there is an accident on your premises, you will be able to review the entire incident, including the time leading up to the accident and the moments immediately afterwards.

Imagine you mop the floor and put out “wet floor” signs. Then a few minutes later someone slips and falls, claiming they had no warning that the floor was wet. You can review the footage to prove that you did indeed put out the signs and either they were overlooked or deliberately moved by the person making the allegations.

CCTV Promotes Quality Assurance

Last but not least, employees do a better job when they know their performance is being monitored. Taking too many breaks or being distracted by other things while working can lower the quality of your products or services. Having a CCTV system in place encourages employees to do their absolute best.

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