Choosing a Projector

Televisions are getting smaller and sleeker every day, but what about a television with HD quality image and audio that is only 3lbs? Believe it or not we’re not talking about some radical new TV – we are talking about projectors.

Projectors are a way of the present and future. They bring television to any space without all the heavy, bulky hardware. So they are typically pretty easy to blend into your decor. There are more benefits than you may guess.

Read on to learn more about what kind of projector you should buy for your home.

What Is a Projector?

A projector is basically a camera that is inverted. Instead of light as an input through a lens, it is the output. Television projectors are similar to regular televisions in that they offer a large screen to view video and audio input, like soundbars. However, unlike physical televisions, the output is projected onto a screen or a wall allowing you to adjust the image size as well as to have more flexibility with where you put your new television.

One way to determine quality is to look at the output resolution. This is similar to the resolution of a TV. The higher the resolution, the better.

Another thing to consider is the amount of lumens put out by the projector. More lumens equals a brighter, crisper image, which means it doesn’t have to be quite as dark as a projector with fewer lumens.

There are two types of projectors. Here is a quick guide to help you determine the difference between the two.

A Home Theatre Projector

Home theatre projectors emphasize picture quality. They are typically built with low-voltage control and built-in cooling systems. They also have built-in lenses which can help control light and zoom. Compared to other types of projectors, home theatre projectors tend not to be as bright. They rarely reach higher than 3,000 lm.

Because of their built-in hardware, they tend to be pretty heavy and bulky. Most are professionally mounted by TV installation professionals. Because they are kept in one place and rarely adjusted, they tend to last. They are durable and capable. Home theatre projectors are not meant to be transported. Their purpose is to display output in one space: your home theatre with whole home audio.

A Multimedia Projector

A multimedia projector is typically used in a work setting. It is good for short video presentations and slides. Most often, multimedia projectors have zoom lenses with a range shorter than that of home theatre projectors. Most have HDMI inputs allowing you to be able to hook up your computer or similar device.

Unlike home theatre projectors, multimedia projectors are pretty light and portable. Newer models are quite thin and sleek. For this reason, they do not need to be professionally mounted. Though, if you are thinking of using your projector in a classroom or office conference room, you should certainly consider professionally mounting it to keep it safe from harm as well as to create a more businesslike environment.

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