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Most coffee tables are littered with at least three remote controls these days. With so many new forms of technology entertainment, our living rooms are becoming cluttered. From Apple TVs, to cable, from Blu-Ray Players, to Home Theater Projectors, we are enjoying our favorite songs, movies, and shows in more ways than ever before.

However, when you look down at the accumulation of confusing remotes cluttering your coffee table, you’d think technology hasn’t come very far at all.

Luckily, you’d be mistaken! There is a remote that ‘does it all!’ We Mount TVs is an authorized dealer of the Pro Control, you solution for total control over your home technology.

Below we have the number of benefits you can receive with the whole home integration of the Pro Control remote.


With Pro Control you get an extremely straightforward, user-friendly remote. The three remotes offer customizable screens, featuring all of your home devices. Once you click on the device of your choice, all hard buttons become usable specific to that device.

Ever tried switching to your home audio system and found that Pause, Stop, Mute, Fast Fwd, etc., aren’t working? With a Pro Control, this will never happen!


As mentioned above, the LCD screen included on your remote is customizable. Your home screen offers four touchscreen buttons. This can include your cable, home audio, Apple TV, and Blue Ray, or any other device you choose to set – but the customization doesn’t stop there!

When you go to open your cable,  you can then set up to 10 programmed channels as your cable short cuts! If you mainly watch ESPN, and wife watches BRAVO, and your children watch Disney, you can all access those channels faster than ever before.  Simply program them into your Cable settings and you’re ready to go.

The bonus? You can even customize the graphics for each button!


In addition to offering advanced capabilities and ultimate control, the Pro Remote provides an aesthetically pleasing design. It’s long and thin size is sleek, minimal, and refined. The LCD touch screen has a black background that accents the clean design of home button graphics. You turn the LCD screen on and off simply by lifting the remote up and laying it flat.  This eliminates any distracting glow from a remote you may have while watching a movie in the dark.

But the most aesthetically pleasing feature the Pro Remote offers is singularity. Rid yourself of clutter! Get rid of all your old remotes! Now, you have one remote that can do every job.

Want to declutter even more? We Mount TVs has advice for hiding your wires!

No Setup?

Okay, we know what you are thinking, this remote is too good to be true. The setup must be incredibly difficult. Fortunately for you, the setup isn’t hard at all!

In fact, if you choose We Mount TVs, we will do it for you!

You simply tell us what devices and channels are important to you, and we program the remote to your liking. Any questions or concerns can be addressed during installation. We won’t leave you until you’re confident with your configuration and have a full understanding of how to properly navigate through your devices on the Pro Control remote. Leave the setup to us!

Are you interested in gaining total control? Contact We Mount TVs today!