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Backlit LCD screens or liquid crystal displays can be found everywhere, from computers and cell phones to televisions. So what makes your backlit television screen better than your smartphone’s LCD? For one thing, the contrast ratio on your television screen is probably more precise, making dark colors appear darker and lighter colors appear lighter. Learn more about television backlighting and dynamic contrast ratio with We Mount TVs, your TV installation experts.

Dynamic Backlighting

Often, television screens with backlit LCD screens do not display a normal, natural black level. Black level refers to the absence of light on the screen. Using dynamic backlighting, your television can customize backlight intensity, in turn increasing the contrast ratio.

Most LCD television screens have screen-edge backlights. These implement LED lights, dividing the screen into a graph. If each cell in the graph is independently controlled using dynamic backlighting, the contrast ratio of the entire image improves.

Recently, backlight costs have been decreasing. This could mean improved control for dynamic backlighting in newer generation televisions. If a system can monitor the image feed and report back to the backlight using a certain signal, the LEDs in each cell of the graph can be adjusted dynamically.

The Sony 4K 930D

The new Sony 4K 930D televisions is revolutionary. The ultra slim design paired with the quality brightness and color make the Sony 4K 930D an appealing television for those who don’t mind the more expensive price for the higher quality product.

Though the price has fallen from its launch, the X930D is still one of the more expensive non-OLED televisions out there. With LED edge-lit local dimming backlighting, the television offers more light output and more precise dimming zones. The Sony 4K 930D is also an Android smart TV which puts more control and power in the hand of the user. Learn more about Sony 4K televisions.

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