In any good movie, the pictures you see on screen are only half of what makes the movie entertaining. The sounds you hear, whether it’s dialogue between two main characters or a powerful explosion at the height of the action, are crucial to the overall plot and entertainment value of the movie. That’s why, when you’re setting up a home theater, the selection and placement of speakers is just as important as the selection and placement of your television. To get the most out of your home theater, it’s a good idea to utilize a professional installer who will maximize the capabilities of the speakers you choose.

Audio/Visual Experts

Even though our name, We Mount TVs, may imply that we only care about the visual portion of your home theater experience, we are concerned with making sure the entire package is perfect for you. The care and concern we have comes from the fact that we, ourselves, enjoy the experience of a quality home theater and want you to be able to experience that for yourself. You can be sure we’ll use the same level of care in your home that we would in ours.

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Proper Selection

Though the thousands of sound amplifying devices that are available are all called “speakers,” that doesn’t mean you can choose from any one of them to get the best experience for your particular space. Choosing the right speakers for your room is crucial to getting sound that you can feel in your core while still not overwhelming the space. Additionally, speakers should be matched to one another to ensure they don’t overpower each other and that they can handle the types of frequencies that will be sent to them, depending on their location within the room.

Hidden Away

Whether you choose a wired or wireless surround sound setup in Orlando, Florida, there will be some cords involved that you have to decide what to do with. In a wired setup, of course, you have the wires running from the receiver to each speaker which will need to be hidden. In a wireless setup, the power cords for the individual speakers will need to be dealt with. Either way, you’ll want to make them disappear, both for safety purposes and the overall aesthetics of the space. Our expertise allows us to completely hide any type of wire or cord while causing minimal disruption to your home.

Proper Installation

The best speakers, matched perfectly to a room, can still have mediocre performance if they’re not installed correctly. Proper installation involves reducing the vibrations that are produced by the sound waves to ensure they don’t cause nearby fixtures to vibrate, as well. Additionally, in-wall speakers must be treated with extra care to ensure they’re not located near any sort of equipment that could cause interference, resulting in a humming or buzzing sound that’s certainly not cinema worthy. Practically, many speakers are quite heavy, meaning they must be installed using the proper hardware to prevent a catastrophic failure which could result in injury or property damage.

Special Care

As mentioned, we take pride in investing deeply into each project to ensure it has outstanding results. When we’re setting up a system, we strive to install it in such a way that we would want to come back and experience it once the project is complete. Plus, we do all we can to keep the rest of your home clean during the project, and diligently clean up after ourselves when we’re done. If you want to take your home theater experience to the next level with a quality surround sound system installation, don’t hesitate to call us and see the difference our attention-to-detail can make.

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