New technology is a blessing to the consumer, but it is even a bigger blessing if the players compete with each other. The smart home technology ticks in the two boxes. It is a handy technology, and it comes cheap thanks to break-neck competition.

Big players in the market, the biggest tech companies in the world, are squaring it for the big pie. Research shows that half of the homes in America will be smart by 2020. That is a tantalizing multi-billion dollar opportunity. Top on the pile is Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, GE, and Microsoft.

A smart home is simply a place that has automated devices that can do tasks as you would. Some of the things that you can automate in your home are lighting, thermostat, windows, doors, locks, sound system, television, air conditioner, garden, smoke sensor, security camera, and switches.

Smart devices use sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to sense, discern, and bring an action. For instance, the sound system welcomes you with a ballad when you get home from work. Once you hit the shower, it changes from Frank Sinatra to Katy Perry. What about the air conditioner powering on a few minutes before you get home? That is smart.

A smart device, thanks to IFTTT, can run on a recipe of your choice. Teach it to be you, encourage it to treat people as you would, and so on. Where then can you start?

Know Your Options

We have been in this business for long, and we advise you to start small. Although the cost is not big, it is good to focus on the essentials — convenience, support, and security. Most people in Orlando, Florida, start with smart lights, then smart thermostats, air conditioning, smart locks, and so on.

The market will spoil you. Sometimes you may not even differentiate products. We encourage you to seek help before you buy the products. Compatibility is critical; devices have to talk to each other. If they cannot, they will not be smart. We help people choose compatible products and install them for you.

We have to look at your home first before we make that decision. The fact that you are investing in just a couple of smart gadgets today does not mean you will not come for more. In our experience, we know you will come for more. So, we have to look at the bigger picture. We have to look at your wiring, your internet connectivity, the devices that you want to transform, and the overall utility level of the place.

You will hear things such as smart home ecosystems and their beautiful assistants. The ecosystems include Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google home and others. Their wonderful assistants are Echo, Siri, and Google assistant. Most of these technologies power through Zigbee or Z-Wave radio signals.

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Pick Your Smart Combo

If you want to watch kids when they get home from school, a security camera and door locks can work for you perfectly. The first smart thing you have at home is your phone. Compatibility and ease of use with your phone are imperative.

Furthermore, you can transform almost every device in the house with a few smart addictions. We can always assist you with that. If you want the coffee machine to start brewing your morning treat immediately you step out of bed, we can make that happen.

It has been our business to stay ahead of technology and trends. The smart home technology is one that we have embraced, and we know you will love it, too. Give us a call or visit our offices.