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We Mount TVs in Orlando, Florida provides the ultimate source for all your TV mounting, Surround Sound, Commercial A/V, Project installations, as well as Smart Home Automation services. We also specialize in home theater installations, services that transform your home’s entertainment experience.


TV Mounting Orlando Florida

Whether you want to mount a HD Television or you are planning to upgrade to a fantastic custom home theater, you can always rely on our technicians. They will ensure that the infotainment system is installed securely and all the wires involved tidily concealed to give your smart home a smart look.

At We Mount TVs, we strive to give our customers professional and reliable TV mounting and installation services, transforming their living room according to their dreams. Our expert technicians have the experience to make every installation experience simple.

Surround Sound Installation Orlando Florida

Our main agenda is to bring you an incredible experience in the way you watch television by installing high-quality surround sound speakers in your home. This will ultimately change your entire viewing experience. Call us today to enjoy a variety of surround sound speakers. We will even help you to pick the ones that are perfect for your watching needs.

Home Theater Installation Orlando Florida

When it comes to home theater installation, we have you covered. Before we start the installation, our trained technicians will consult with you and know where you will want it installed. We will then assess the best positioning of your home theater system and choose the one that gives you the kind of enjoyment you truly wish to have.

With your permission, we can even customize your home theater to match your entertainment preferences.

At We Mount TVs, we believe in the full home theater experience; therefore, we take meeting and exceeding your home theater dreams very seriously. When you choose us, you get not only the best home theater installation in Orlando FL, but you also get audio installation and support that takes your experience to an entirely new level.

Allow us to connect and integrate your entertainment system efficiently and bring you up to speed with all of the new components of your home theater system with our customer orientation. Then, just sit back and enjoy your one, custom home theater!

Projector Installation Orlando Florida

For a projector to be installed correctly for either your business use or for home use, it needs a bit of technical knowledge and skills. Our specialists will pull you out of the dilemma and help you to choose and install the best projector for your needs. We will consult with you to ensure that we install it with your preferences in mind.

Smart Home Installation Orlando Florida

Changing your entire home into a Smart Home is a significant undertaking. As a result, you have all the reasons to entrust such a transformation to professionals such as our tech experts at We Mount TVs. We will closely work with you to ensure your home turns out the way you want. With the right equipment and expertise, we will streamline all aspects of your home and transform it into a Smart Home, enabling you to complete tasks more conveniently. Our services will also enhance your comfort and revamp your security.Contact us today to give your home a boost and make it better suited to your lifestyle.

Why Choose We Mount TVs Orlando?

We Mount TVs is the best TV installation in Orlando, Florida. We help transform your living space to an unbeatable, enjoyable home theater system where your TV is more than just a device, it’s a focal point of your room.

If you are looking for the best TV, Surround Sound, Commercial A/V, Projector installations, or Smart Home Automation services, you are in the right place. With an extensive practical experience serving Orlando, we assure our customers that they will receive only the best services from us.

If you are looking for Smart Home Automation services in Orlando Florida, give us a call today and get started.

TV Mounting in Orlando


We Mount TVs

5 out of 5 stars

Jessica Klein
Jessica Klein

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Cannot say enough INCREDIBLE things about this company, We Mount TV’s!! We have worked with Shawn, one of the managers for several years now and others from their team! Mounting our TVS, handling all of our equipment, and making sure everything is absolutely perfect are 3 examples of how outstanding this company is. There was an issue with our TV recently and I needed the team to come back out and re-mount the TV. They came out, no problem and fixed EVERYTHING. Please do yourself a favor and only use this company. It is so worth it! I don’t get paid for writing this. I am just a happy homeowner who is so thankful I found Shawn and his team! They are INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!

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