There’s a school of thought out there that sound makes the theater. Regardless of where you land on this topic, it is undeniable that for any home theater to be complete, surround sound is definitely something that needs to be considered. Nothing quite makes the movie experience quite like loud seat shaking sounds that makes your heart pause briefly.

We Mount TVs in Birmingham Alabama is the best place to go for your surround system. Our team of specialists have been doing this for some time, and we know how to get the sound that your home theater deserves. We offer two different types of speakers to give you that sound you’re looking for.

Prepackaged Surround Sound Speakers

The easier of these two choices is definitely the prepackaged speaker sets. This solution means taking the speaker system directly from a manufacturer. They come put together to deliver a well balanced and seamless audio experience. You can trust that the manufacturer knew what they were doing so the sound will be great. This makes this option the go to for several people.

Custom Surround Sound Speakers

The second option is to use a custom surround sound speaker setup. This gives you the ultimate control and flexibility in crafting the perfect solution for you. By mixing specific brands, sizes, and sub-woofers, you can create a sound experience literally like no other.

The audio from the horror or action flicks will cut like a knife and the tension and release from the sound will make it that much more dramatic. And if drama adds flair to the production, then you’ll be dramatized to the end because of your choice in extra speakers and sub-woofers. It’s that much of a difference maker.

At the end of the day, the goal is to create the perfect experience for you. Whether you are looking for a tried and tested solution, or you want to go for something more tailored, our team in Birmingham have you covered. We want to help you. When you are ready to get your surround sound installed, give us a call.