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At We Mount TVs, we understand that people want a reliable infotainment system. We have highly qualified personnel who have enough experience in television installment to help our clients with TV mounting. Our services are available to clients in Orlando, Florida and the surrounding areas.

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television installation in Birmingham and orlandoFactors you should consider before you mount your TV

Are you planning to install your TV soon? If you are, we can help you with the following factors before mounting it.

Distance between you and your television: The distance between your seating area and the TV is the first factor to consider. The gap between you and your television should be based on factors such as the size of your TV, room size, and the TV’s resolution capacity.

Height from the ground:

After picking the wall on which you want the TV mounted, it is essential that you determine the distance from the ground where you will fit the TV. You should consider a height that prevents kids from tampering with the TV and ensures that every person can view the TV without straining.

Room lighting:

The lighting in your room should not interfere with your ability to view your TV. When taking into consideration the lighting in your room, we look at both the artificial and natural sources of light. Figuring out the correct angle will allow us to mount the TV in a position where the lighting does not interfere with your viewing experience.

The positioning of the TV outlets:

All televisions nowadays, come with numerous outlets for connecting other devices such as Flash drives, DVD players, gaming consoles, sound systems, etc. When mounting your TV, we ensure that the positioning of the outlets is in such a way that you can access them quickly and easily.

Why you should seek professional TV mounting services from us

We have highly experienced and skilled technicians:

Just like any home improvement activity, you should consider professional services when mounting a TV set. At We Mount TVs, we have numerous experienced and skilled technicians to help our clients with proper mounting of their televisions. This ensures that your TV set can be mounted in a way that it serves you optimally.

Minimizing the chances of damages:

With years of experience, our highly trained personnel will make sure that your television will be mounted safely without damage to your equipment, walls or décor.

Our technicians take the minimum time to get your television installed, and we know that our clients prefer when they can get their TV mounted as soon as possible. We guarantee our customers that once they get in contact with us, the work is done as professionally and quickly as possible So you can sit back and enjoy.

We also offer remote training and customer orientations to get you familiar with your product.

At We Mount TVs we have the tools and attachments to correctly install your TV in the best location possible saving you the headache and time. We not only install your TV but also handle the concealment of wires and cables.

Affordable rates: At We Mount TVs, we offer our clients the best prices possible for the requested service. Please contact us for service within the Orlando, Florida area at 407.900.2429

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