Whether it’s for your home, office or retail establishment, We Mount TVs in Orlando, Florida is the go-to business for projector installation. We service homes and businesses in the area; our experienced technicians can mount projectors on the wall or ceiling and install either motorized or fixed screens to meet your viewing needs.

Commercial Audio/Visual Services and Projectors

commercial avWe can install your projector as well as do the audio visual for your whole business or office. Hallways, waiting rooms and conference rooms have all be equipped with audio visual systems that has helped businesses meet their goals and accomplish their mission.

The Right Projector

Knowing the correct distance for installing the projector is vital; we have the right technical know how to do the job right. When it comes to choosing a projector for your business needs, we can help you select the best one for your space. Some considerations that help with choosing the right projector is whether it is for home or a business. Commercial projectors will need to have more lumens in order to accommodate any ambient light that is present. Factors to consider include:

  • DistanceWhether
  • Brightness- lumen number
  • Resolution

The distance will depend on the size of your room and whether it is long or short. The projector must be able fit your space as well as the screen size.

Brightness is the number of lumens needed for your space. Home projectors can have fewer lumens because they have been designed for low light conditions; commercial projectors will have increased lumens because ambient light is usually present in offices and conference rooms.

The resolution refers to the best quality that is available at present, with a measurement of 4K. Our installations include the high quality HDMI 4K cables that are used in tandem with 4K ready amplifiers and receivers.

We Mount TVs offers the best in projection equipment that includes JVC, Sony and Ben Q. We will help you select the right one for your needs as well as budget.

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Home Theaters

We also do installation of home theater situations. We can do a pre-installation assessment to help with your home theater needs.


ProjectorsThe projectors that we offer from Sony include those that are a solution for any large screen needs. Advanced technology and an outstanding warranty make these projectors equipment that will last. Sony is recognized worldwide for their reliable and trustworthy products. Their projectors are part of their trusted line of products.

The BenQ projectors include a Dynamic Color Management System (DCMS) which provide advanced color solutions within a lightweight profile. Pictures are true-to-live and sharp.

Give us a call to discuss your projector needs. Not only will we help you select the right one, we will install it with care and precision. We conceal all cables, protecting your room’s design integrity. We are here to work with you in designing an integrated audio/visual system that incorporates the latest in video and sound technology; our goal is to enhance the performance of your new projector system.

Give us a call at 407. 900. 2429 to discuss your needs in the installation and purchase of a projector system. Being in the Orlando area, we are aware of the use of large scale entertainment systems in theaters, restaurants, theme parks and other venues. We can help you, with quality service and professionalism, to build the best in video and sound technology for your needs. Contact us for a free estimate.

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